Breakfast Egg Rolls

Breakfast Egg Roll – Last week was the last day of school for my three teenagers.  Boy this year flew by. Next year these teenagers will all be in high-school, Landon aka “the boy” (11th), Nikki aka “the girl” (10th) and the other boy aka Colton (9th). Anyways, there is nothing more damaging to your budget than three starving teenagers who are home every day and of course, constantly hungry. They really are bottomless pits. No they really are. How do we go through a gallon of milk in one day? How is that even possible?

How do you keep these things called teenagers satisfied? It’s not easy but making food in large quantities can help and will keep those teenagers full. At least for another 30 minutes. I also do not want them eating cereal, ramen or other crap all day long.

That’s were these breakfast egg rolls come in. You can make a whole bunch of these at one time and then just freeze them and reheat. It really is that simple. If the boy, the girl and the other boy can do it, so can your kids. For them it is as simple as remove from freezer, wrap in a damp paper towel and place in microwave. Now for a piece of advice… tell them teenagers to heat the egg roll for about a minute. I forgot to tell that to the older one and he just put it in the microwave and stood there for ten minutes getting angrier and angrier.  Luckily, for me he does not even read my blog so he will never know I just told the entire interwebs about his lack of certain  basic skills.

You are going to want to precook your eggs (scrambled), breakfast sausage and/or bacon and have them ready to go. You also want to shred your cheese. Yes, I know buying cheese already shredded is easier but a block of cheese is cheaper and when shredded, it just tastes better than pre-shredded cheese. It is really easy to make a lot of these in a short amount of time. You are just going to set everything up as an assembly line.

Now, on to how to fold the egg rolls…

Breakfast Egg Roll Directions
Turn your egg roll diagonally. Place about 1 tablespoon egg with 1 tablespoon sausage along with shredded cheese in the middle of the egg roll
Fold the corner over the mixture and pull back snugly.
Next dampen the two sides and top with water from your finger and fold in.
Roll the egg roll up nice and tightly.  Cover with a towel until ready to fry.



Breakfast Egg Rolls


  • 20 egg rolls
  • 5 slices of cooked bacon halved and quartered or 8 oz cooked sausage
  • 10 eggs scrambled
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • S&P to taste
  • Water for brushing the egg rolls
  • Oil


  1. Set up all your ingredients assembly line style.
  2. Heat oil to 350 degrees in skillet making sure you use enough oil to cover half the finished egg roll
  3. Grab your egg roll and place about 1 tablespoon egg, sausage or one slice of the halved/quartered bacon and finish with cheese sprinkled on top
  4. See above for folding directions
  5. Gently place egg rolls into oil and brown for about 2-3 minutes then flip and cook for another 1-2 minutes
  6. Place on a paper towel lined plate
  7. Repeat with remaining egg rolls

I made half bacon and half sausage egg rolls but do whatever you choose. Next time I may do some with both bacon and sausage or ham. There are so many possibilities and combinations ( wow I actually spelled possibilities and combinations correctly the first time…sometimes letters hurt my head). Once all the egg rolls have cooled place them on a plate or sheet pan making sure they are not touching and freeze them for an hour. After the hour is up, wrap the egg rolls in aluminum foil and place in freezer bags. I usually wrap them in foil in pairs and then place them in the bags. To reheat remove the foil and wrap with a paper towel and place in microwave for one minute. Adjust time according to your microwave.

And there we have it. The teenagers can wake up (probably around noon or something like that) and reheat these breakfast egg rolls and have a better breakfast than some kind of chocolate flavored cereal.  This will also help keep the mess down because we all know what happens when teenagers do decide to try and cook. Every pot and pan will end up dirty.

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