Fried BLT “Fried Bologna Sandwich”

Fried BLT "Fried Bologna Sandwich"

Fried BLT “Fried Bologna Sandwich”–We all have fond memories of certain foods from our childhood… that one thing your mother or father would make for you when your day didn’t go so well or maybe you got a great report card. The food that brings back your childhood with just one bite. You know what I am talking about. We all have the one thing.

Mine was a fried bologna sandwich and it had to be just right and the same every time. White bread, mayo, and thick slices of mystery meat…oops I mean bologna. The smell of the bologna as she was heating it up in the pan meant (at least to me) that everything was going to be alright. There was a time long ago when I was seven or eight that I had an appendicitis. Well due to this appendicitis I was in the hospital for almost five months. I had many surgeries and it was touch and go for me for awhile. I remember looking into my mother’s eyes and how strong she was trying to act in front of me but I could tell something was not right. So I lost a lot of weight. If I can recall I think I was down to below 50 pounds. The nursing staff would do anything to have me start eating more and I mean anything.

So one of the nurses, that had taken care of me for most of my time at the hospital brought in white bread, bologna and Miracle Whip and started making me sandwiches. Now these were no fried bologna sandwiches but they served their purpose. I started eating and gaining wait and eventually I was able to go home. Once home you all know what my mother made. Now I will confess that after eating that many sandwiches I can not even look at a jar of Miracle Whip anymore but I can still eat a good fried bologna sandwich.

As I have gotten older my taste buds have evolved as I like to say. So I took my simple and easy mother’s recipe for fired bologna sandwiches and elevated it just a little but it still has to have white bread. This is simple and so easy to make and it reminds me of a time when I really did not have too many cares or worries in the world. Well just one worry… will Rebecca say yes or no?

Fried BLT “Fried Bologna Sandwich”


  • 5 slices of thin bologna
  • White bread 2 slices
  • Slice of yellow cheese
  • Mayonnaise
  • A little butter
  • Two slices of tomato
  • Butter lettuce or lettuce of your choice


  1. Heat up your pan with the butter over medium heat.
  2. Once the butter has melted add your bologna (you may need to fry them in batches)
  3. Fry both sides of the bologna until the edges are golden brown (3-4 minutes per side)
  4. Stack bologna slices on top of each other, place back in pan, and place your slice of cheese and cover with a lid. Allow cheese to melt.
  5. Slather on mayo on both slices of white bread.
  6. Lay down lettuce and tomato slices on one slice of bread and add a little S&P
  7. Add the bologna and cheese and top with the other slice of bread
  8. Enjoy

In a lot of ways I did not change much to my mother’s recipe. I like to think that I just enhanced it. Yes, you could really elevate this but I was worried that if I changed it too much it just would not be the same. I wanted to bite into this sandwich and be brought back to a time filled with great memories and I was able to do that. I do not eat these sandwiches much anymore but when I want to be reminded that I was once young too, these are what I make. My mother is not in the best health currently but biting into this bologna sandwich took me back to a time where all was right in the world, even if only for just a few minutes. Thanks for stopping by Life44…Live, laugh, love & learn. Oh and Rebecca said no, but that’s ok. My mother made a fried bologna sandwich for me that night.

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