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During our little family vacation this year, we stopped in Reno, NV. It was around noon or so and the whole family was getting a bit hungry. When traveling I try to find these unique places to eat and stay as far away from the chains as possible. I mean I can eat at a chain anywhere, I want to try something that is different or unique. So I did what any tourist does. I asked Alexa or Siri or someone like that. I get them confused all the time. After saying ‘Hey Alexa’ and nothing happening about ten times the kids politely let me know that her name is Siri. That is how we found Brothers Barbecue.

About the restaurant

Now Brother’s BBQ is a very unassuming place but let me tell you once you bite into one of their sandwiches you will have felt liked you have died and gone to heaven. This has to be some of the best pulled pork I have ever tasted in my life and I lived on the east coast for many years with great barbecue just down the street.
I tried the Memphis Sandwich and the wife had the Barbecue Bowl. One thing I will tell you about the Barbecue bowl is that I did not get one photo of it at all. That is how quick the wife wolfed it down and I honestly don’t remember what the teenagers had because I was enjoying the Memphis so much.

Since the Memphis is what I had and the wife would not share her Barbecue Bowl (she literally attempted to stab my hand with a fork when I got close) I am going to go into detail about this life changing sandwich. The Memphis is an applewood smoked pulled pork sandwich. Now the pulled pork was amazing but Brother’s BBQ elevates this sandwich even more. How, you may ask? By adding some of the best coleslaw I have ever tasted. Brother’s BBQ calls it “kicked up” and I will say it is. It has the perfect amount of heat to go with the pork. The roll that held this amazing sandwich was perfect. And of course once I saw they had their own habanero bbq sauce I was in heaven because I like my heat.

The staff were super friendly and the service was amazing. So if you ever happen to be in Reno run don’t walk to Brother’s BBQ. It will be well worth it. I mean, I’m planning our next trip and want to go back to Reno just to eat there again. Thanks for stopping by…Live, laugh, love & learn.

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