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For this year’s family vacation I made the mistake of having a family meeting (yes I know… you think I would have learned by now). Anyways, I gave the family two choices. One was to go to Moab and the Grand Canyon the other was Universal studios. As I gave the kids these two options, I waited patiently praying that they would choose a vacation that would allow us to be outside and enjoy what a beautiful country this is. While they were discussing the pros and cons of each vacation, I was dreaming of hiking Arches National Park and seeing the incredible Grand Canyon. Yeah, right! Who am I kidding. In under two seconds, they all shouted in unison. Universal Studios!!! 

Feeling disappointed and dejected I wiped a single tear from my eye and began the process of planning not for Moab and the Grand Canyon but for Universal Studios Hollywood. I will say that I had a blast at Universal Studios. Just don’t tell those kids. I don’t want them thinking they made the right choice.

So, this is where this post begins… Universal Studios Springfield. Now everyone who knows me knows I love The Simpsons. This show has been on the air for as long as I can remember (started in 1989). The exploits of this hilarious family has kept me laughing for years. Since I would not be able to hike around Moab at least I could hang out with TV’s funniest family. I would spend the day having a beer with Homer and riding a skateboard with El Barto. It was going to be a blast.

The first thing we did in Springfield was get in line for The Simpsons Ride. Actually, we were one of the first ones on the ride this day. Boy, my luck was getting better and better.

Anyways, we loaded into the car and waited for the show to begin. The ride was great with Sideshow Bob causing a ruckus but being defeated in the end. That Sideshow Bob, well he ever learn that he can’t kill the Simpsons.

Next, we went and hung out with Chief Wiggum. He was standing there with a cup of coffee and a nice looking doughnut and as my son Colton found out…he would not share.

Then the whole family got to chill and get a great picture with Homer and Lisa. And please do not tell me how much I look like Homer. The kids and the wife already informed me numerous times of the similarities.

Now I would love to say that we just spent the entire day in Springfield but someone in the family just loves Harry Potter. I am not saying any names but it’s the girl. So, we had to leave but I made the entire family promise that we would come back and eat lunch in Springfield.

Lunch Time

Anyone who has ever been to any amusement park knows that trying to eat there is very similar to bashing your head against a brick wall. I wanted all of us to try some different things but every place was packed and I did not want to stand in three different long lines. And I sure as heck was not going to give Landon my credit card, I would have never seen him again. So me and kids went into Krusty Burger and the CEO (my loving wife) went to Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck.

First up, the Krusty Burger. The line actually went pretty quick and we were ordering our Krusty Burgers and Duff beer (for the girl, not me) in no time. After paying for four Krusty Burgers we waited about three to four minutes for our number to be called. Not bad considering the number of people that were in there. Next mission… find a place to sit.

After walking around the restaurant looking for a seat with none to be found we worked our way upstairs. Bingo there was one table big enough for the five of us to sit. All I had to do was stare at the people still finishing their lunch. After about 4 minutes of me staring at them, I think they started to feel uncomfortable and woofed down their last bit of fries and took off.

I will say that the burger was better than I thought it would be. We all know how overpriced park food can be but this burger was filling and satisfying. And the Duff beer? Well, what little bit the girl let me have… well I am a bit of a beer snob but on this hot day, it was refreshing.

I wish I had some pictures of the tacos the CEO got but she ate them so fast I was unable. I actually reached over to take a bite and she almost bite me. Lesson learned.

I will say that Universal Studios Springfield was a blast. We all have a great time looking around and I felt like I could really be there. Thanks for stopping by Life44… Life, laugh, love & learn

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